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FreeProxy is the best proxy site that allows you to unblock YouTube proxy, Facebook proxy, MySpace proxy or any other restricted social proxy at your school. Pakproxy.com is a safe and secure YouTube proxy that is hosted on the dedicated server which provides you high speed browsing and downloading. We insure your privacy, that you are safe and secure from all the online threads because we provide anonymous internet browsing.

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By Passer

What is Bypasser .us

We give all visitors a free bypassing service to enhance your online privacy, disguise your IP address through our web server and filter malicious code on the fly. We invest heavily in running a state of the start proxying system with constantly evolving security in place. You can rest assured your privacy is in good hands and we try to maintain the highest possible standards in all aspects of our work. We actively weed out malicious traffic to our service in order to keep dedicated server resources available to every visitor.